Coming soon to a blog near you…

Life has been a bit crazy as of late and as it’s been pointed out by various people, I haven’t blogged in AGES. So my mission by the end of this week is to fully update you all on Melbourne (and what a mission that will be!). I’m working on it, I promise and thankfully technical difficulties have been resolved so I can include pictures once again.

For now, here’s how we got to beautiful, wonderful Melbs; a bit of ‘flash packing’.



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5 responses to “Coming soon to a blog near you…”

  1. Kate Smith says :

    Hi glad to hear you back blogging again!! Lots of snow here today and very cold, bet you missing the cold, ha ha. have fun, lots of love.xx

  2. Peter Haughton says :

    Yohoho! Mighty chilly here in sunny Sunbury – that large yellow disc has just made its first appearance for days after a night of rain. As Kate says, bet you’re missing it not! Happy Valentine’s day!!

  3. Matt says :

    hey chelsea its matt, u gave me ur blog details to check out ur thai trip. ill definitely go & check out Pai. it looks so cool. If u need sum local knowledge while ur in melbourne feel free to drop me a line. ill b more than happy to show u sum sites. i spend a fare bit of time down the beach. a place called Bells beach, u might have herd of it. & the great ocean road.

    anyway i might talk to u soon
    take care

  4. Matt says :

    oh yea, my email is

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