Journey to Australia.

To get to Sydney, I went from Pai to Chiang Mai by minibus, had an hour stop over then got a night bus to Bangkok. Thailand doesn’t have proper sleeper buses like Vietnam so I ‘slept’ pretty much sitting upright! I arrived in Bangkok on December 19th at 5.50am with Hannah and Jeff from Pai. We went into McDonalds of all places to wait until a sensible time for them to get hostels and me to find Sam. Sitting in there reminded me why I hate Khao San Road – there was a boy passed out on the floor!

Jeff checked into a hotel which coincidentally Sam was staying in! We reunited, repacked our bags Abe briefly met up with our friend Louise whom we hasn’t seen since the end of September. Since then she’d been to Laos, Italy, Istanbul and Iran just to name a few!


We got to the airport, went to check in and…didn’t have tickets! Emirates had not released them! After a fair but of stressing and a lucky flight delay, we made it onto the flight.

I didn’t sleep  for the whole flight but did manage to catch up on 4 episodes of Doctor Who. By the time we reached Sydney, I’d been up 26 hours. We checked into our hostel and slept!


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