Sihanoukville II

On my last few days in Sihanoukville, most of our group moved back up to the busier Serendipity beach and did boat tours. I still felt pretty rough so lay on Otres beach and swam.

The final evening the guys who run Indigo Bar organised a poker tournament (Cambodian riel comes in such ridiculous denominations, it was the perfect currency!). I did abysmally, I didn’t have a clue but at least I gave it a go. However I did sweep the board at Scrabble!



There was a really cute puppy there!


Before I left to head to Serendipity for the night as I had an early bus, George took me on a tour of the estuary where a lot of expats are building some really cool houses.


We also tried to visit the pagoda but it was shut. I took some nice photos though.



I made it back to Serendipity and met up with Sam! Although I only saw her briefly it was nice after so long. We had a curry and planned to go for a drink but it wasn’t to be, I got violently ill and had to go home early!

I slept on and off as people stumbled into the dorm throughout the night and got up in time for my bus to Andong Teuk for the greatest adventure yet!


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