Phnom Penh

Having had such an awful border crossing from Laos to Vietnam, we were all dreading crossing to Cambodia but it actually couldn’t have been easier thankfully. Phnom Penh was hot and ridiculously humid when we arrived. As King Sihanouk died 2 weeks ago, the city is in mourning so the palace I wanted to visit with a silver pagoda was shut to westerners.

We decided to visit the killing fields and S-21, a prison in the city. Once again I won’t post photos but it’s safe to say it was emotional there. I learnt alot and can’t believe the injustice of it or that I didn’t know much about it before. As everyone has some kind of bracelet, people have been leaving them as a tribute to the victims. I left one I made on Nha Trang beach.


In the evening I wandered to the market but it was closed. I saw the city’s craziness.


I already like Cambodia way more than Vietnam!

I had to make a decision; whether to head North alone or go to Sihanoukville with everyone else. I decided to cone to Sihanoukville and it’s amazing!


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One response to “Phnom Penh”

  1. Peter Haughton says :

    Looking good and so interesting to see all the different places and experiences you’re having! Keep up the good work.

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