Nha Trang

Having been in cities all throughout Vietnam, I was excited to get to Nha Trang and hit the beach! I didn’t actually get any photos of it though as there was a lot of theft in Nha Trang so I was rather worried about losing my stuff! I’ve stolen a few of other peoples photos though. We got into Nha Trang at 6am (ridiculous) and went straight on a boat tour at 8am (even more ridiculous). It was really fun! We first stopped at the worst aquarium ever. The tanks were small and it was just awful. However, outside there was a large pool where there were sea turtles! Being Vietnam, with no health and safety regulations, you could go right to them and touch them! They have sharp teeth so I’m glad I didn’t lose a finger! They were super slimy.



Next we snorkelled and I saw my first coral reef. There was an amazing bright blue starfish, I wish I could have taken a photo of it! We got to jump off the boat (I was very careful after my dislocation!).


The food on board was surprisingly good.

There was a boyband playing covers of songs, it was a little odd. They played a song for each nationality. Us brits had to seeing Wonderwall.

At the last stop, they made a “floating bar”, it was awesome.


That evening a typhoon hit. It was mental, I’ve never seen rain like it. Our street flooded real bad and we needed to get some food… The only way to go was through it!


The following day, we went across the longest cable car in the ocean in the world to Vinpearl water park. The slides were really good but I watched the guys do them first then made my mind up about each one. It’s a good thing I did as Elliot came out of one having dislocated his knee! There was also an amusement arcade so we went on the dodgems.

I managed to fracture two fingers in Nha Trang whilst dancing, that was a bit special. They’re recovering well now but it was so bad at the time!

On the last day there before our bus a few of us went to the mud baths. It was so cool floating in mud. There was a hot swimming pool too, it was such a weird sensation.



Nha Trang was nice but hearing about all the thefts made me feel a bit uneasy wherever I went. I didn’t even make it to the famous sailing club everyone talks about but I’m sure it was good. I did however manage to have the best butter chicken of my life in Ganesh, the Indian that has branches across Vietnam. I’d highly recommend it if you ever find yourself in ‘nam.

From Nha Trang we headed on to Saigon.


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3 responses to “Nha Trang”

  1. Ayesha says :

    We ate at Ganesh in Hoi An, it was so good!
    Can finally catch up on your blog, cool!
    Am currently in Nha Trang, will be careful. x

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