Our last few days in Pai were enjoyable. One day it rained so we were stuck in town and got hair braids! When we got back there was a rainbow over the Buddha on the hill.


As nobody could go out, Anna gave an impromptu yoga lesson and we had our final barbeque.


For the last night, the girls decided to have a ladies night in town. The boys wanted to join in so we told them they could… if they were girls. So this happened:


They actually got really into it and said dresses were fun to wear! Worrying.

That night 2 new guests arrived that had been to Strode’s College two years before us!

There were certainly some characters in Pai. John was an Irishman who’d had his wallet stolen and was “stuck in paradise” until his new cards came. I’ll miss him.

I helped the boys pave a new car park at the hostel much to even my own surprise. It was hard work but I enjoyed doing it. We had to mix the cement manually using 18 buckets of sand per cement bag (4 times!) then stand in a production line passing the buckets. I swam in the river afterwards to get all the cement off and Kit, the hostel manager gave me a Spicy Pai T-shirt for helping.




We went into town for a final breakfast of pesto eggs (so good!) and I saw the distinctive dog I’d seen around all week one last time.


We changed money to US dollars for the border crossing to Laos (madness), said our goodbyes and took the 752 turns back to Chiang Mai.




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3 responses to “Pai III”

  1. Sue Lewis says :

    Hi guys,
    Lovely photos Chelsea and a great blog:-)
    I really enjoy hearing how things are going – sounds like you’re both really enjoying yourselves.
    Take care, enjoy and thanks xx

  2. Cassaundra Kueter says :

    i love hair braids because it is cute and nice.;

    Very latest write-up from our new webpage

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