Laos – Pakbeng, Luang Probang

From Chiang Mai, we drove to Chang Kong and slept a night there before crossing the Mekong to the Laos border, getting our passports stamped then moving to the big slow boat. We took sandwiches with us; they’re obsessed with baguettes here (a tradition from when the French invaded).



The first day on the boat was 7 hours to Pakbeng. We arrived as the sun set and there was a crazy boat festival going on. The man at the hostel (and indeed Lonely Planet) told us Lao people don’t care about money, just fun and that was evident. We slept early!


Today we were on the boat for 9 hours to Luang Probang. It was a sunnier day and we saw children playing on the banks of the river.


The scenery was like being in Jurassic Park most of the time!



We all slept at least a little bit on the boat floor.


We finally got to Luang Probang and found a hostel. It’s very basic but OK for a few nights.


Tomorrow we’ll explore our first day of Laos as millionaires (£20 is roughly 250,000 kip and the money is messing with our heads!)


2 responses to “Laos – Pakbeng, Luang Probang”

  1. Peter. says :

    Looks fantatsic, if a little scary. Life back here will seem very mundane!

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