My temple on the hill bracelet.



10 responses to “My temple on the hill bracelet.”

  1. Nick or Nicky says :

    Just shown Max your blog BUT he gets updates from Isabella ha ha….will show Cian at w/end and get him to send you a pic, be happy and safe x

  2. Sue Lewis says :

    Great blog and a lovely way to follow in a bit more detail the lovely journey you guys are enjoying.
    Thanks and have a wonderful time (and keep safe of course) x

  3. Dawn Burger says :

    Loving the blog…keep it coming 🙂 xx

  4. Caroline O'Sullivan says :

    Just caught up on your blog. Looks like you’re having a fab time. So many memories for you. Glad your keeping safe. xx

  5. Kate Smith says :

    Looks like you all having wonderful time.x

  6. Jane O'Sullivan says :

    loving reading what you get up to every day !!!

  7. Peter. says :

    Nice bracelet – the fun just keeps coming, eh? Oh yes – and Chelsea are top of the League!!

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