Pai I

The journey from Chiang Mai to Pai was pretty awful. I’m not the best in a car and knowing it was going to be really windy, I took some travel tablets to settle my stomach. Even with them, the last hour of the 4 hour journey was hellish and I just had to concentrate on breathing!

When we got here, we walked down a dirt track to the hostel, not knowing what to expect.


Our hostel is beautiful and amazing! It’s a very basic hut with no windows but it’s fabulous.

There’s a central communal raised hut where everyone sits on cushions and chats.



Next to it are the dorm huts. We’re in the biggest dorm next to the communal hut.


The beds are bunks at differing levels throughout the hut, the highest is 3 beds up. Mine is the top one:


The net stops mosquitoes but not other bugs that weasel their way in.

The view here is beautiful, we’re surrounded by rice paddies and not much else.



Last night the hostel ran a barbeque and it was a good way of meeting people. So much chicken!


I don’t even know where this crab came from.


Today we went through the mountains and the jungle to a hot spring and a slider waterfall. Unfortunately I’d left my phone charging so didn’t get any photos but I stole this from someone else. The boys slid down the waterfall but we weren’t that brave/silly!


Pai is awesome! Best place yet.


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3 responses to “Pai I”

  1. Peter. says :

    As before – looks wonderful!
    I’ll show to Alex when he gets home from school later.

  2. Nick says :

    Never knew KFC made it that far with all the chicken, top pics x

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