Chiang Mai IV

Having felt quite dodgy whilst visiting the tigers, I decided to get an early night before getting up at 7am the next day to volunteer at the YMCA. Once again, hardly any sleep was had and I woke up feeling pretty miserable.

Kimberley had been approached by a YMCA youth worker and asked if she would help out at a day summer camp aimed at improving childrens English as part of the ASEAN network. The network consists of 10 Asian countries working together in the wider global community. The common language chosen to communicate via is English, hence the push for the children to learn it.

We arrived at the YMCA at 8am and it was all go from there! Ice breaking challenges, singing, dancing, activities.



One activity was to play rock, paper, scissors in lines and join the lines together with the losers going behind the winners until there were two lines. Mine and Kimberley’s line won. Sam’s line had to accept the punishment of getting talc-ed!


Then, unfortunately, they got us back.



In the afternoon, we each ran a ‘station’. Mine was ‘Out Of Reach’ – the children had to answer a question in English and write their answers on a piece of paper high up, using teamwork to get to it.


It was a really fun and rewarding day, we all just wish we’d been less sick! As we left, the organizers gave us B700 each, so roughly £14, which is apparently really good for a day teaching here – especially as we weren’t expecting it, having volunteered! The surprising thing about the kids was they looked about nine or ten but were actually twelve to fifteen. Maybe it’s a cultural thing.



When we got back to the hostel, illness took over big time for both Sam and I. It’s put a slight spanner in the works as we were meant to go trekking today but don’t want to risk it yet! Today has been a complete write off; even going to 7/11 for water made me feverish again. I received a care package this morning from York who works here, I was so grateful!


We’ve booked here at Deejai until Saturday to feel better. If things improve tomorrow we might go the park or the canal and just take it easy before heading to Pai with Ayesha on Saturday.


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4 responses to “Chiang Mai IV”

  1. Peter. says :

    Sorry to hear about the sickness etc. Hope you feel better soon. I’m having a T-Bone Steak for dinner tonite – trust that will cheer you up!
    P.S. Your postcard arrived today!

  2. isabella says :

    also got your postcard and im having a brill time at schoool

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