Chiang Mai III

We went to meet Ayesha and her friends Julia, Brer and Jo. We took along Alex, Kimberley and Neyra from our hostel. We ended up doing the Spice Girls ‘Wannabe’ on the karaoke – awfully embarrassing! Brer is a fantastic guy with really interesting life stories, I was riveted!


It hadn’t rained properly in Chang Mai since we got here so it was about time!


On Sundays there is a ‘walking street’ near to the hostel, which is essentially another night market but much cheaper. You can’t really walk along it, there’s so many people, everyone dawdles. Kimberley dared me to try one of these:


They look like sweets but were essentially mashed potato covered in gelatin – gross!

Also gross was the fried insects stall.


Today, Kimberley, Sam, Robin and I went to Tiger Kingdom where we played with baby tigers and lay with big ones.







So now I can add baby tigers to the menagerie I want to bring home!

Tomorrow we are hopefully volunteering at the YMCA teaching English… We’ll see how that goes!


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6 responses to “Chiang Mai III”

  1. Peter. says :

    Love those tigers – will show to Alex later!!
    Did you try fried insect?!

  2. Peter. says :

    And like you with Brer, he’s now ribbeted?!

  3. Peter. says :

    Alex wants a baby tiger!
    Love from Alex.

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