Chiang Mai I

I love Chiang Mai! It’s already one of my favourite places so far, just from the feel of the city. Having a bunny living at the hostel helps too:


On our first evening here, we met some Americans staying in our hostel. We split a bottle of rum between us and went out dancing. It was just what I needed for a good nights sleep! Everywhere we go, there are dogs wherever you look, including in the bar we danced in. Apparently dogs have a revered status and are also allowed to roam free in temples. We’ve been spending a fair amount of time with Ben, a student from South Carolina as he’s always around!


Last night the three of us went to the night bazaar by the river for a look around.


There were many weird and wonderful things:


I finally succumbed to getting a Chang beer vest top. Every second person in Chiang Mai has one.


Today we went to Chiang Mai zoo, it was brilliant! Much cheaper than London zoo at roughly £4.40 entrance fee and way more interesting. We nearly exploded with excitement over the pandas:


This one was conceived through artificial insemination because they were too lazy to mate!

We may look ridiculous but panda ears were a must.


One of the best experiences was getting up close and personal with the elephants. The baby was adorable, even if it was trying to get into my bag for some food!



In the second photo, the elephant was batting me round the head with it’s ears!

5 things I miss from England:
1. Family and friends (obvs).
2. Milk. Real milk, not condensed or milk powder.
3. Proper pavements.
4. Normal sized chairs and tables. These miniature ones hurt your back so much!
5. Doctor Who.

We’re in Chiang Mai for a few more days then we’re doing Pai and Chiang Rai before our first VISA runs out and we’re looking at Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia before returning to Bangkok to head South!


4 responses to “Chiang Mai I”

  1. Peter. says :

    Looks fab – luv the photos of the animals!

  2. Peter. says :

    Nice 1 – more poo to cover the garden!
    Look forward to hearing from you manana..

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