Ayutthaya II

Yesterday, we went to see a temple close to our guesthouse and accidentally got in for free. There’s a buddha’s head with a tree growing around it, which was pretty cool.


Then we went for a walk in the park, which was made of lots of little joined up islands. We got lost a few times but that was part of the fun.


We stumbled across the elephant kraal where they used to train the elephants for war but now they just give rides.


This morning, we had a friend at breakfast. Sam wasn’t too impressed.


We made our way across town to see the impressive reclining Buddha. Apparently I’m so pale, we’re the same colour.


I had the best ice lolly ever there; watermelon!


This afternoon we went on a boat ride around Ayutthaya as the city is surrounded by a river. We saw syne beautiful Thai riverside houses along the way.


The boat stopped at three temples/ruins. The first was so impressive with a massive gold Buddha at the centre, so big that men were standing on his hands to dress him. As they dressed him, people prayed under his robes.


The next temple had a big prang (central building) that you could walk into. As I reached the top, I got a waft of bat urine again. Ew. In thus picture each little dot is a bat:


There were 4 walls lined with gold Buddhas, it was mesmerising.


We also even saw a Catholic church from the Spanish settlement.


Our final stop was the most beautiful. Although we couldn’t go into the wat, due to renovation work following the October flooding last year, it was still breathtaking.


As the boat left the last temple, we watched the sun begin to set behind it, something Ayutthaya is famed for.


My Nan told me to be safe on this journey, so here are some photos for her of tuk tuk and boat safety 😉



Things we have learnt so far:
1. 50% DEET bug spray removes nail varnish. “why is my nail varnish melting?!”

2. Thai people LOVE a uniform. Everyone has a uniform and badges for something.

3. Paying B100 extra for aircon is always a good idea.

4. No matter what you put on/do with your hair, it stays a dry and tangled mess.

5. Thailand is called “the land of smiles” for a reason. Everyone’s so darn happy.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Lopburi, a town terrorised by gangster monkeys. Will we survive? Let’s hope so!


2 responses to “Ayutthaya II”

  1. Peter. says :

    Looks like you’re having a great time – Alex would like to talk to you sometime, when you’re next online!
    PT x.

  2. Jane O'Sullivan says :

    my god chelsea your so brave but what an experience xx

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