Ayutthaya I

Having left Bangkok, we got a train 76km north to Ayutthaya and it’s such a relief. Breathable air and less people touching us!

Our guesthouse is really cute and for the price you can’t go wrong. It even has a balcony! Having dumped our bags, we went for a stroll and at the end of our road is Ayutthaya Historical Park, which houses a giant temple and some ruins from the 1400s.


We decided to climb the stairs to see the view from the top… The stairs were huge and getting down was terrifying but it was worth it. At the top of the Wat, there was an exhibition in a dark room. Before we even got in I recognised the sound of bats (thank you, Longleat!). They flew around as we entered but mainly left us alone. Sam was a bundle of nerves climbing that high but did really well.



The stairs down through the middle of the Wat (no photo could ever illustrate their steepness):


We got some food from the place outside the guesthouse and it was amazing. It made us realise how awful the food on the Khao San road was. This was way less salty! There’s a little girl who lives there who must be about 4 and keeps skating around in oversized rollerskates, she’s the cutest thing ever.

Neither of us slept well again last night, hopefully it’ll change so we can be more active tomorrow. I ended up trying to sleep on the balcony in desperation!


Today we went to the day market for a look around. We started in the nice clothes part. I wish I needed clothes but resisted temptation!




Next, we ended up in the Thai food area. This isn’t food for tourists, I’m talking live terrapins, frogs and eels. I wanted to save them, not eat them!


Also, we saw a man with live beetles. For some reason, he kept putting them on top of his ferrets cage. Who knows why. I had a moment of madness and thought they were robotic beetles because they were so shiny. Guess that’s what not sleeping does to you!


Sam has been looking for a decent coffee without milk powder in since we arrived in Thailand. Today she achieved her goal.


It’s been raining on and off for most of today so we sat on the balcony, read and played cards to pass the time. I’ve taught Sam Gin Rummy in Bangkok and she’s started beating me. Need to up my game! I’ve already given in and got the Kindle app, too. Although it’ll never replace the smell and texture of a book, it’s pretty handy. I’ve nearly finished the Hunger Games already, it’s just so good! There’s a book exchange here too so I’m stocked up!

There are lizards that climb upside down on the roof here and this afternoon one pooed on Sam. It was one of the funniest things ever although she didn’t seem to think so at the time.


Fingers crossed for sleep tonight!


3 responses to “Ayutthaya I”

  1. Rachel Brown says :

    Hi Chelsea lovely to hear your adventures, I’ve just read them to Nanny, and she’s said it sounds exciting but scary too but you know what’s she’s like! I think you very brave i hate bats due to a holiday nightmare!!! Lots of love & fun Nanny & aunty Rachel xxxx

  2. kirsty says :

    Im loving your blog! also i need clothes buy me some and those shoes are amazing! Enjoy the rest of your time in thailand loooove from all of us x

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