Khao San Road

We stayed on the Khao San Road for 2 nights in Bangkok and believe me, it was enough. 4 hours would have been enough, it’s mental.

Our hostel was nice enough. We shared a double bed and luckily had air conditioning. There was a little area to sit outside with koi carp in a pond. Thankfully, the hostel was just off the main road so pretty quiet in comparison to the main drag. Thank God we read the reviews before we got there or we never would have found it tucked in behind KFC!

After dumping our bags we went for a walk and eventually got a tuk tuk tour of the temples. It was a national tourist day apparently so the temples were free entry and the tuk tuk B20 each (until our driver abandoned us round the corner from Khao San, so it was free).


In the evening we met up with Sam’s friend from uni, Nat and her friend Astra. We went to a bar down the road and met some pretty cool Australian and kiwi people working as tour guides in Bangkok. At the bar we had our first experience of ‘count to five’. Someone counts slowly to five as you drink your drink. Brain freeze! Having watched ‘Marley’, the Bob Marley documentary, on the plane, Nat and I bonded over our love for the great man. Sam and Astra are convinced we’re going to be hippies. When we went to pay for our drinks, they’d already been paid for…result. We went on to a club and when we went to leave, couldn’t find the door!

In the morning Sam and I tried to find Th Phra Atthit, a road similar to Khao San, but completely failed after 3 attempts. We did end up finding the river and a pretty awesome bridge.


Khao San Road is basically Thai Camden. You can even buy exactly the same tops Zoe and I saw in Spitalfields a few weeks ago! So far I’ve resisted the traveller uniform of baggy elephant-print trousers but I’m sure it won’t be long!

Last night we had a few drinks in a cocktail bar, more buckets! A bucket of Long Island Ice Tea that didn’t seem to go down no matter how much I drank. We’ve come all this way and met some rugby boys from Twickenham, typical! Khao San Road was shown how Ring of Fire is played properly and how awfully 2 English girls can dance to One Direction.

Although Khao San road was fun and one of those things you have to do, we’re so glad to have left. It was expensive, suffocating and slightly tacky. There’s not much to do other than eat, drink and shop. I’m on a two-day noodle and Chang ban after that. Some people spend two weeks there, it’s my idea of hell!



We got a train at about lunchtime today to Ayutthaya and seeing fields and feeling able to breathe is so refreshing. I’ll post about it when we’ve had a proper look around, but so far we’ve gone up some horribly scary steps and nearly been eaten by bats (KIDDING).



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3 responses to “Khao San Road”

  1. Kate Smith says :

    Sounds wonderful, especially all the drinking!!!!!!!!!!!Have fun and take care.xx

  2. Jane O'Sullivan says :

    sounds like your having a brilliant time !!!!!!!!!

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