Bangkok Rama Place

So, we made it! (after an hours wait on the runway at Dubai due to fog, paramedics on the plane at Bangkok and some minor bag issues). I have already discovered the wonderful healing powers of cucumber face wipes and moisturiser.

Sam and I got to our hotel about 3pm local time and checked in to our twin bed mini-cottage. Having slept for about an hour on the planes, I was knackered and then… barely slept at all last night either. Hopefully this hasn’t set a precedent for the rest of the trip or by Tuesday I’ll be a zombie.

Cuisine-wise so far, we had a beautiful bowl of chicken and rice noodles last night from a shop that looked like someone’s living room. It was 47B, so about £1 and was just what we needed! This morning however, I scoffed 3 bacon and ketchup sandwiches in quick succession. No so cultural.

The plan for the next few days is to chill by the pool here until tomorrow then head to a hostel on the Khao San road (hopefully the one with the roof top pool!) before setting off for Ayuthaya to see some temple ruins.



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3 responses to “Bangkok Rama Place”

  1. isabella says :

    i hope you enjoy thailand and i like your new bikini

  2. Sarah says :

    Looking good ….. feeling fine

  3. peter says :

    Have fun – hope you’ve had some sleep by now!!

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